April 29, 2015

What’s the Difference?: C7 and C9 Lights

You’ve seen them before –the large traditional lights on Christmas trees and other outdoor Christmas displays. They’re often referred to as C7 and C9 lights.

The great benefit about these particular types of lights is they are based on parallel circuits. That means when one bulb burns out the others stay lit –yes, that means you don’t have to hunt for the burnt out bulb! They both use a base socket that holds the lights and can withstand rain and other elements.

So, what’s the key difference? Size! C7 lights are 2 inches versus C9 lights’ 3 inches. Because of this, their wattages vary. C7 lights can range anywhere from 2.5 watts to 7 watts and C9 lights can range anywhere from 3.5 watts to 7 watts. Typically C9 lights shine brighter than C7 lights, and are more ideal for taller structures.

What’s the second key difference? Personal preference! With C9 lights being introduced by General Electric in 1927 and C7 lights being introduced 7 years later, C9 lights have been looked upon as the “traditional” option in the past.

With recent changes in technology, another form of lighting has came onto the scene -meet LED lighting. In our next blog we will compare C7, C9 and LED lighting!

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