April 29, 2015

LED Light Curtains: The Overhead that Offers Twinkle

With its energy efficiency, low temperature safety, long life quality and overall cost savings LED light curtains are the added suttle “awe factor” to any design project.

light curtains

This unusual and easily hangable décor option will draw your guests’ eyes upward, moving them through the visually stimulating holiday scene you have constructed in your venue.   LED light curtains fascinate the eye and will have your visitors in amazement of these sturdy, yet lightweight overhead options.

Light curtains are versatile decor, so they are considered an “evergreen” decor option. They can be used before, during and after the holiday season.

At Champion Studios we offer our customers the option of purchasing a rolling rack storage system for their light curtains. Although LED lights are durable and can easily withstand bumping and jarring, the LED light curtains should be stored in a climate-controlled storage area.