October 3, 2015

Last Minute Deals!

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Custom Tree


This 16 ft Custom Tree comes with your choice of colored ornaments, pre-lit and available for immediate delivery.

Slim Line Tree


This Slim Line Tree available in 6.5′ to 12′. In red and gold ornaments

Silver Ornament Tree

Decorated with Red, Silver and Gold this tree is available in 6.5 feet to 12 feet. Color options are available for ornaments. Available for immediate delivery.

Manzanita Deer


Manzanita Deer are a great way to add aesthetically pleasing, Holiday touches to any area, indoor and outdoor! They come in: standing, prancing, grazing, and resting positions. If you are in need of Holiday decor, the manzanita deer will be the one detail that will complete the look you’re going for!

Ball Ornament


Are you in need of that last minute, perfect element to add to your decor? The ball ornament is a perfect accent piece to add to any set. Sold in 36″ and 44″ sizes, these ornaments are a great piece of decor to draw in the eye and really grab everyone’s attention this holiday season!

4-Ball Stack


This 4 ball stack is the perfect center piece to add to your holiday decor. Red glitter with a gold cap.

Half Ball Ornament


Do you half a blank wall that needs filling? This half ornament, red glittered with gold cap, just might be what you are looking for!

Grapevine & Manzanita



This Grapevine ball, Manzanita star and Manzanita bursts would make for great accent pieces. Lit with LED lights, you can light up the area from above!



Make sending a letter to Santa easy this holiday with one of our Santa Mailboxes. Comes with a child height mail slot to ensure the children’s letters will make it to the North Pole!

Fiberglass Toy Soldiers


These Fiberglass Toy Soldiers come in various colors. Standing on drum base, they range from 6 to 10 feet. Get your Toy Soldiers to add to your Santa set!

Fiberglass Bow


This Fiberglass bow will make a great wall mounted decor piece, hung on a wall or even set up on the fireplace mantle.



And speaking of fireplaces, this fireplace will be perfect for your Santa set this year. Stockings and trees seen here also available for immediate delivery.

Santa Chair & Gift Bag


What should Santa sit on to listen to all the children’s Christmas lists this year? This Santa Chair would be perfect! It’s comfortable and classic looking. If you want to complete the look & feel, why not include the gift bag? Santa needs to have his toy bag!

Specialty Elements


Elegant Santa Throne and plush characters will add extra flair to your sets.

Illuminated Waterloo Star


This star is for indoor and outdoor use, comes in warm white LED, and would look great anywhere you put it to add holiday flair this season!

Illuminated Waterloo Rings

rings ring2

For indoor and outdoor, these Illuminated Waterloo Rings range in size from 4 ft to 11.8 ft. They can be hung as overhead or sit on their stand, on the ground.

 Illuminated Waterloo Tower

Illuminate your trees with the Illuminated Waterloo Tower!

Illuminated Waterloo Reindeer

Comm2015Landscape (1)-8

Illuminated Waterloo Reindeer are for indoor and outdoor purposes and would look great anywhere! Available in various sizes 4′ – 9′.

Illuminated Waterloo Spheres

Comm2015Landscape (1)-182

These Spheres make a great illuminated overhead decor! 2′ to 3.9′

Illuminated Waterloo Wave

Comm2015Landscape (1)-7

The illuminated Waterloo Wave is meant to add style to your overhead decor, but even better, by connecting four of them you can make a ring!

Illuminated Aberdeen 2D Bow

Comm2015Landscape (1)-10

Illuminated Aberdeen Bow are for indoor and outdoor purposes and would look great anywhere! Available in various sizes 5′ and 6.5′.

Illuminated Aberdeen 2D Candy Cane

Comm2015Landscape (1)-11

Illuminated Aberdeen Candy Canes are for indoor and outdoor purposes and would look great anywhere! Available in various sizes 5′ and 7′.

Illuminated Chania Star

Illuminated Chania are for indoor and outdoor purposes and would look great anywhere! They come in White and Warm White.

Illuminated Madison Snowflake

Comm2015Landscape (1)-16 Comm2015Landscape (1)-162

Illuminated Madison Snow Flakes are for indoor and outdoor purposes and really make a statement!

Illuminated Cumberland Tree

Comm2015Landscape (1)-18

The Illuminated Cumberland tree is sold in 6′ to 26.3′.


Comm2015Landscape (1)-19 Comm2015Landscape (1)-19

Inflatable Ornaments make a great way to decorate your space with overhead. Round and Teardrop shapes available. The inflatable bear also is available!