April 29, 2015

Comparing LED Lighting to Incandescent Lighting

Now that you know all about LED Lighting and Incandescent Lighting, let’s figure out which one is overall more beneficial in terms of functionality and from a financial standpoint for your commercial holiday decor needs.

Known as the more traditional option, incandescent lighting comes in many forms: C7, C9 and mini light bulbs. The difference between all of these is size. The smaller one of the two larger options, C7 lights can range anywhere from 2.5 watts to 7 watts and C9 lights can range anywhere from 3.5 watts to 7 watts. All are based on parallel circuits, which means when one bulb burns out the others stay lit, and use a base socket that holds the lights and can withstand rain and other elements.

Being the “new kid on the block,” LED lights have not been on the market as long as incandescent light bulbs. LED lights easily fit into an electrical circuit because they are small. Unlike its predecessor, the incandescent light bulb, LED lights do not have a filament that will burn out -which means they don’t get very hot, and because of this they do not burn out as quickly. They are more durable than incandescent and have little to no sensitivity to extreme weather conditions.

Although the initial purchase price of LED lights is higher than incandescent light’s price tag, the long-term benefits out-weight the startup cost. In terms of energy sufficiency, LED lights require about 80% less energy than incandescent lights which will save you money on your electrical bill over time. In comparison to incandescent lighting’s 1,200 hours, the average lifespan of the standard LED light is about 50,000 hours; that’s like comparing 71 weeks to 292 weeks!

The Bottom Line: While it may be tempting to go the less costly route when purchasing lights, by purchasing LED lights you will recieve a return on your investment after the first couple uses and will have less of a chance of having to replace them. You’ll also be decreasing the carbon footprint of your holiday decor projects by going “green” with the eco-friendly LED lights.