April 29, 2015

Add the “WOW” factor to your holiday decor program

Creating a magical and jovial holiday atmosphere that brings guests back to your venue time after time should be the ultimate goal of your holiday decor program.The core of a holiday program is the Santa set, but what about the rest of the venue? What is one of the first things visitors see when they enter your venue? The overhead decor!

Overhead decor sets the stage for the atmosphere of a holiday program before the guest even sees it. Utilizing overhead holiday decor in your venue can offer many benefits. Overhead decor is ideal for enclosed facilities, but can be incorporated into a exterior holiday decor program. Adding an eye-catching visual impact to your venue, overhead decor enhances the overall dramatic weight of your holiday decor.

Whether you want to hang light curtains, garlands, swags, banners or many of our other overhead options, at Champion Studios we custom create holiday overhead decor with your venue in mind.

Stay posted for our next blog post introducing the many styles of overhead decor.