June 26, 2014

On the Naughty List: Incandescent Lighting

Emitting a warm light, incandescent lights are used by everyone whether in residential or commercial holiday decor application because they are inexpensive at the time of purchase –but there are more reasons many users are abandoning these lights for the upcoming holiday season deeming them a spot on the Naughty List. Inefficient Lifespans: Although less
June 25, 2014

Commercial Christmas Décor Product Spotlight: Snowfall Lights and Light Curtains

When typical Christmas lights just aren’t enough, these two Champion Studios’ customer favorites are the perfect lighting solution for any commercial property. Businesses, hotels, venues, shopping centers and more have utilized these two shining (no pun intended) commercial holiday decor products in various applications for events and holiday decor! Adding dimension to decor as it